South East Asia Expansion

To support their expansion into South East Asia, Independent Management Group (Australia) and Lyon Asia (Malaysia) agreed on a joint venture to create a Seniors Living Operational Management and Consulting company based in Kuala Lumpur to serve the needs of South East Asia. At the time, it was envisaged that this company would have Lyon Asia as its main client and would work on a series of their developments planned to be started in late 2017.

Since the formation of IMG Lyon Asia, three things have become clear: the demand for seniors living communities and therefore for an experienced SL operator and consultant is even greater than anticipated in SEA, the number of communities Lyon Asia would be starting in the short term is limited, and lastly, there was some concern from IMG clients of potential conflict given that Lyon Asia is a developer.

These three facts have led to a fundamental change in direction for IMG. IMG and Lyon Asia have decided to dissolve the Joint Venture company and to continue our core businesses separately. Lyon Asia will now become a client of IMG, similar to any other of our client relationships. This will allow IMG to pursue its growth in SEA without having a direct relationship with a developer as a shareholder. IMG is pleased to have come to this arrangement with Lyon Asia by mutual agreement and the two companies continue to have a harmonious working arrangement.

IMG looks forward to serving the needs of this rapidly growing industry in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Deakin University Research Group

Marisa Kleisterlee (IMG General Manager) made a presentation to a Focus Group set up by Dr Le Ma of Deakin University, Melbourne with the task of undertaking ongoing research into the development of the seniors living industry. Marisa’s presentation outlined IMG’s experiences in the growing market in South East Asia including the similarities and differences with the Australian market.

IMG presents at Retirement Living Asia Summit in Kuching, Malaysia

Susan Malone is delighted to be presenting a half day pre-summit workshop at the Retirement Living Conference in Kuching, Malaysia in July 2017 on the topic of “Practical Insights into the Structuring, Operations and Design of Retirement Villages to Provide Dynamic Environments for Independent Seniors Living and a Good Quality of Life”. The workshop will include case studies on IMG seniors living projects in Malaysia and Thailand.

Asian Market Ripe for Growth

“One of Australia’s most promising emerging export industries lies with what’s becoming a serious demographic headache for countries to our north: a swelling ageing populace screaming out for decent and affordable care.” To read more in this special report by Tim Boreham of The Australian including comments by IMG’s Susan MaloneClick Here

IMG presents 3 Day Masterclass in Singapore

On behalf of IMAPAC Pte Ltd, Susan Malone of Independent Management Group presented a three day masterclass providing practical insight into the structuring, operations and design of Independent Retirement Living communities in Australia and Southeast Asia. Topics included Global Trends, Care versus Caring, Financial Operating Models, Sales and Marketing, Designing for Seniors, Site Selection and Product Definition. For more information contact [email protected]

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IMG presents at 2016 Seniors Living Conference in KL


As Workshop Sponsors, Susan Malone of Independent Management Group in association with Thomson Adsett Architects provided a full day workshop entitled ‘Seniors Living in South Asia: Capitalise on the Opportunity”.  Topics included world trends in operations and architecture, delivering service with standards and economy in mind, how to develop a successful and profitable project and applied learnings from the industry.  The workshop was held the day prior to the 2016 Retirement Living and Senior Care Conference in Kuala Lumpur.


Sansara Black Mountain is launched in Thailand!

BuilderSmart PCL is currently targeting the property market of Thailand through the development of a Seniors’ Lifestyle Community adjacent to the new 9 holes at the award winning Black Mountain Golf Course.  The Lifestyle Community will be managed by Sansara Lifestyle Management, a partnership between Buildersmart and Independent Management Group (IMG).  IMG’s Managing Director, Mrs. Susan Malone said, “IMG is experienced in managing retirement communities for a long time in Australia. During the last five years, the company has also been working in China and South East Asia, so Sansara will be well positioned and able to provide residents with the security, community and services they seek to live with comfort and peace of mind.”

Click here and go to Page 17 to read the full article in the April edition of ‘Hua Hin Today’

IMG interview on ABC’s Lateline Program

During the first Australia- China International Aged Care Forum, Susan Malone accepted Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s interview. In the video news, Susan is optimistic about Chinese elderly market prospects and development potential. Also, she expresses her different opinion on seniors living industry from the traditional one and regards creating seniors living communities is a new way to give your respect and love to the elderly.

“This is actually providing a way where people can show how much they love and respect their family members, by creating a standard of care that is far better than they could provide currently.” Susan said.

To read the full video release – please click on the link below.

Changes in Chinese Seniors Living Market

Recently, CRI NEWS issued the relevant news of the first Australia- China International Aged Care Forum- Australia Looks to Chinese Elderly Care Market which quotes Susan Malone’s opinion on the changes of Chinese seniors living market.

“The biggest change I have seen in the six years is the willingness or the desire for Chinese developers to be in the industry itself. Six years ago, when I came to the early conferences that were being held, there were very small conferences. If people from the development sector said to me: ‘What do you do?’ I said: ‘Senior’s living.’ Then (they responded with) ‘What? What is that?’ And now when you say senior’s living, (they would say) ‘what a growing market! How wonderful! Could we talk?'”

IMG as an early enterprise who scents the emerging market, also seizes the opportunities and keeps pace with the development of Chinese seniors living market.

To read the full media release – please click on the link below.