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Training – Seniors Living

The key to success in Seniors Living Management is a combination of passion and training. Management staff for senior living communities may come from a variety of backgrounds but all need to be trained in a wide variety of subjects to ensure they understand the business model, the product they are managing and the clients they serve.  They must also prove themselves reliable, responsible and accountable as employees.

IMG continually strives to be a centre of excellence in operational management and resident education for seniors living communities.

  • Innovation – IMG embraces new ideas and evidence based approaches in all we do.
  • Excellence – IMG works to the highest possible standards to achieve quality outcomes based on best practice, continuous improvement, honesty and fairness.
  • Learning – IMG strives to develop individuals and organisational knowledge, skills and abilities by providing a dedicated learning environment within the scope of operations and to be available to offer vocational support and information within our fields of expertise.
  • Equity – IMG respects the needs of individuals ensuring an equitable environment for all people at all times by treating them n a manner that is both ethical and responsible and without discrimination or harassment.

IMG’s comprehensive curriculum assist participants to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understanding the product offerings
  • Administration skills for the seniors living industry
  • Business ethics; time management; personnel management
  • Food services
  • Accommodation options
  • Caring and Care Services
  • Resident and lifestyle services
  • Management skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication in the work place
  • Facility management
  • Psychology of sales to seniors
  • The Ageing Process

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how a training program can be tailored to your organisation, contact Chloe on [email protected] or phone 03 87970173