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IMG’s consulting and management services are delivered by a team of professionals with decades of seniors living experience. Whether you need a complete package of services or a specific problem solved, IMG will take care to tailor our approach to each unique situation. IMG understands the short and long term pressures that village owners and operators face so we help our clients to find the right solution. Whether you wish to redevelop an existing village, reduce or eliminate Owner subsidy for operational expenditure or construct a new village, you can look to IMG for help in a variety of areas. We focus on solutions and we deliver.

Design and Development

IMG works with the owner and architect to establish that all aspects of design are practical, have operational flexibility, are sustainable and can be operated within a reasonable budget. IMG is able to gauge and maximise market acceptance to ensure that all aspects of the design: units; apartments; site and community facilities are appealing to the target market. The provision of physical attributes is only the start of the development of a Community. Understanding why and how a group of residents develops into a community of engaged and satisfied friends is fundamental to the creation of a harmonious community and ongoing sales.

Audit and Turnaround of Non-Performing Villages

IMG specialise in assisting Owners and Operators of Villages by reviewing their current business operating, sales, marketing and financial models and working with them to turn their non-performing villages into viable and stable businesses. We can conduct an audit on a village and either make recommendations to the Owner / Operator for changes and improvements or we can implement the recommendations on their behalf.To find out more CLICK HERE

Operational Management

Without doubt this is the most specialised area of the Retirement Industry. IMG sees operational management as a business in itself, and a very complex one at that. From establishing service fee budgets, accounting, asset management, resident welfare, food and beverage services, hospitality services, property management, right through to Accreditation, IMG manages all these and more. The myriad of finer details involved in the management of a seniors living community can be problematic for inexperienced operators. Having an experienced operational management company in place is also a key criteria required by some financiers before funding is approved for development.

Operational Feasibility

Owning a seniors living community is more than a ‘property play’, it is a long term service business. IMG believes that operational feasibility for both the long and short term is critical to a successful development. The importance of accurate operational budgets is influenced by legislative constraints on increases to resident service fees. IMG can take care of these fine details for you.

Deferred Management Fees

Fundamental to a seniors living community is the selection of an appropriate deferred management fee. IMG can assist with explanation and modelling of a variety of options to enable a developer to select the most desirable result. Care needs to be taken to consider not only the financial return but also the market acceptance of this fee.

Legal & Compliance

IMG works with clients to define compliance requirements with Retirement Villages Legislation which differs in every state in Australia. A thorough understanding of applicable legislation is required in relation to resident documentation and contracts, sales process, village rules, recurrent charges, capital maintenance, annual accounts, dispute resolution, resident involvement and more. IMG can assist clients to optimize compliant policies and procedures which support ongoing operational management systems.

Market Feasibility

Our expertise and experience helps us identify the characteristics of your target market. It is about understanding the motivators, the psychology and the lifestyle of the potential purchasers as well as the competition, the product offering and the supply demand equation of the community and the local area. There are many idiosyncrasies that will determine the level of success for a new development.


What’s the best marketing approach? Do you market the product or market the services or target the emotions? What are the most cost effective mediums? Who really are the clients? IMG works with our clients to analyse, plan and execute key strategies that bring about results. It’s far more than just advertising: it is point of sale material, displays, events, sponsorships, web pages, community programs, direct marketing and permission marketing. IMG considers every fine detail to reflect exactly what you are offering to deliver results.


The initial success of the business is so often measured via sales: sales prices and sales rates. Too often the targets are unrealistic because they are based on the wrong assumption that you are selling property. You are not selling property! IMG understands that you are dealing with a very unique customer and one who is more than likely to be making their last major independent decision. It requires a very unique and passionate sales style, a clear understanding of the client psychology and structured sales processes. IMG can become your entire sales arm or alternatively we can train and manage your people.

Training – Seniors Living Communities

With a broad, deep understanding and hands on know-how, IMG is able to provide your Sales, Village Management and Customer Relations teams with specialised training options.  We have developed a number of training courses to meet the complex and unique demands of a retirement village with each course targeted towards a specific audience. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Training – Aged Care

The Living Longer, Living Better aged care reforms for both residential aged care and community care providers have placed a responsibility on the individual providers to become more competitive in the sector.  IMG have developed training courses for aged care Customer Relations and Management teams to enable them to promote, market and sell the services of their organisation ensuring they are best equipped to capture the attention of their customers in a competitive environment.   Training can be delivered either through scheduled courses or can be client specific and targeted to your own requirements.  Contact us to discuss how we can provide training to suit the particular needs for you and your staff. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Communications and Systems

Delivery of services and communication needs careful planning and design. When it comes to things such as telephones, data, utilities, television, emergency response, CCTV and security systems IMG will assist in the selection of the right products to not only establish economical and functional outcomes but to maximise possible revenue streams which might be created from these services.