Asia Pacific Projects and Clients

As the demand for Asian Seniors Living products increases, IMG is leading the way in training, consulting and operating. Having been a part of the Asian market dawning and growth for the past few years, IMG understands the increasing need for innovative solutions which are created in partnership with Asian developers. Bringing the best of Australian expertise and experience to combine with local Asian understanding of cultural and financial needs results in the best possible outcomes for Asian seniors and developers alike.  IMG and its associated companies can provide solutions to assist in the creation of specific product for specific market needs: operational management; staff training programs; home care to large numbers of residents; operational feasibility among many others are all available.

Have you ever sat down to complete a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle? Try doing it without the view of the big picture and the complexity of the task becomes even greater. IMG reiterates that whilst there are a number of pieces to the puzzle in the development and management of a retirement village, and although each can be seen in isolation, they are strongly interdependent and require a high degree of communication and co-ordination to function in a way that provides maximum benefit to all stakeholders.


Here are just a few of our consulting clients from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Philippines. To find out more about the project and IMG’s scope of work, please click on the project link.