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Product Definition

IMG offers a range of specific services to assist developers throughout the development process. Some initial, but essential, services include Product Definition and Visioning Workshops.

It is essential that before the architectural brief is created all stakeholders hold a similar and clear vision for the aims of the development and the product to be offered for sale. Visioning workshops allow the architects, marketers, investors and any other participants to discuss many of the options and possibilities available to create innovative, and appealing communities. IMG lead discussions and challenge participant’s concepts and pre-conceived thoughts on seniors living communities allowing new ideas and unique products to be identified. Financial models are many and varied so these too are considered in the context of the developer’s needs.

One outcome from visioning workshops is the formation of the product definition: an articulation of what facilities and services will be offered in the community. This should include the identification of why the offering will suit the target market, the levels of care to be provided and how marketers can use these things to appeal to the market. If architects have a clear understanding of the way the buildings and grounds will be used they will design a more relevant product which accurately reflects the needs of the operator.

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