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Operational Management

Without doubt this is the most specialised area of the Retirement Industry. IMG sees operational management as a business in itself, and a very complex one at that. From establishing service fee budgets, accounting, asset management, resident welfare, food and beverage services, hospitality services, property management, right through to ensuring service standards, IMG manages all these and more. The myriad of finer details involved in the management of a seniors living community can be problematic for inexperienced operators.


Having an experienced operational management company in place is also a key criteria required by some financiers before funding is approved for development. IMG can assist you to create an operationally efficient and effective community.

IMG was involved with the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme for more than ten years with direct input into scheme reviews, setting of quality standards, approving villages for accreditation and most importantly education. IMG was the Retirement Villages Association endorsed trainer for the provision of Accreditation courses for village managers and Accreditation surveyors. Our experience with accreditation standards in Australia places IMG in an ideal situation to develop new standards for a growing market.

Seniors, more so than any other sector of the community, are cautious buyers. If they do not develop a relationship which includes trust they will not purchase. One way to accelerate and heighten this trust is to demonstrate the high standards which the community has adopted. Quality is the degree of excellence of a product, service, or process. Therefore Quality Standards play a key role in ensuring that quality service provision is maintained by measuring the degree to which a project meets the requirements of the Standards. They are a tool to measure and improve staff and business performance and to improve resident outcomes. IMG can assist in the development of standards which provide a basis for minimum standards of resident safety and care which is essential. By meeting the requirements of defined criteria and standards, the Seniors Living community will provide performance assurance for the business owners, managers, staff, Government bodies, residents and clients. IMG is committed to providing a simple and effective Seniors Living Quality Standards Program consistent with international best practice in every community they manage. This commitment will ensure that your community will have the appropriate systems and facilities in place to ensure residents can access services and amenities which positively impact their health and lifestyle. Call us now.