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Operational Feasibility

Owning a seniors living community is more than a ‘property play’, it is a long term service business. IMG believes that operational feasibility for both the long and short term is critical to a successful development. Accurate operational budgeting is influenced by many factors. Early occupancy rates can mean that in the initial period, there may be a significant operational shortfall which must be budgeted for and managed carefully without effecting our resident’s satisfaction. It is only after years of experience these factors can be understood and identified. IMG can take care of these fine details for you.

The Seniors Living Industry is in some respects still in its infancy. Just as there is no one specific type of resident, or one perfect building design for all locations and markets, so too there are many forms of business models that can be successful. Income streams may include Development Profit, Operational Management Profit, User Pays, Additional Services and Recurrent Income.

Short, Medium and Long Term Cash Flow generation can be delivered in various forms such as Short or Long Term Lease payments, Monthly Service Fees, Prepaid or Postpaid Memberships, “Third Party” Service Providers Lease
payments or Profit Share.

With the benefit of many years of experience in the well established seniors industry in Australia, IMG can help you to understand this complex field and assist in the selection of the most suitable options in your unique circumstance.