Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes

The Property:

Kirkbrae Village is situated in semi-rural Kilsyth, Melbourne. It is an older property with an existing aged care facility and independent living units. With an excellent reputation as a caring provider and a leafy, scenic location Kirkbrae decided to redevelop the Village to incorporate a modern lifestyle development.

Scope of Work:

IMG worked with Kirkbrae and ThomsonAdsett Architects to create the direction for the new Village. This included: product definition; design review; resident agreement review; financial modelling; operational budgeting and compliance review. IMG provided consulting advice for the marketing and sales campaign. Operationally IMG provided over 300 operational policies, procedures and forms that were tailored to the Kirkbrae site and organisational requirements.

“Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes engaged the services of IMG to assist in the development of an effective and appropriate deferred management fee (DMF) for the proposed redevelopment of its Kirkbrae Retirement Village, which was established in 1960 and finding its 50 year old stock no longer viable to refurbish. They also assisted our architects with input into an appropriate building product that would ensure currency and success.

We found the process engaged and used by IMG to be complete and thorough and the proposal submitted to be of the highest order. We would not hesitate to highly recommend IMG for this purpose. Their staff and senior management were prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to accommodate the vision and mission philosophy of the organisation into the proposal, and we are now fully confident to go forward with a product that will fulfil this purpose.

We thank in particular Ms Susan Malone as chief representative of IMG for her wisdom and good humour during this process.

Neil McConville
Chief Executive Officer
Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes