Speaking Engagements

July 2017: Susan Malone presented a Case Study on IMG LyonAsia’s latest project in Malacca at the Equip Global Retirement Living Summit Asia 2017

July 2017: IMG presented a workshop prior to the 2017 Equip Global Retirement Living Asia Summit on Practical Insights into the Structuring, Operations and Design of Retirement Villages to Provide Dynamic Environments for Independent Seniors Living and a Good Quality of Life, Kuching, Malaysia

July 2017: Marisa Kleisterlee was a guest presenter and member of a focus group implemented by Deakin University to undertake research into the developing retirement industry in Australia. 

March 2017: Susan Malone presented a 3-day masterclass on behalf of IMAPAC Pte, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

December 2016: IMAPAC Pte Ltd, Singapore – Susan Malone presented a 3-day masterclass on the operations and design of independent seniors living communities in Australia and SE Asia.

September 2016: Retirement Living and Seniors Care South East Asia 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Guest Speaker and Sponsor

September 2016: IMAPAC Workshop – Susan Malone provided a one-day workshop on developing seniors living communities, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

September 2016: November 2015: Australia-China International Aged Care Summit, Beijing and Chengdu

September 2015: 4th International Conference on Aging Population and Healthcare Industry 2015 (ICAPHI 2015) – Guest Speaker and Facilitator

May 2015: Retirement Living World China Conference, Beijing, China – Guest Speaker and Moderator for Investor Conclave

April 2015: Seniors Living Industry “Design, Services & Operations” Forum, Guangzhou, China (Topic: Seniors Living Communities – Integration with the Greater Community)

March 2015: Facilitator at the 3rd Annual Township Development Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Topic: Spearheading retirement township development concept in Asia)

February 2015: Yuexiu City Construction Design, Wuhan, China (Topic: Seniors Living Visioning Workshop)

October 2014: China International Silver Industry Exhibition 2014, Guangzhou, China (Topic: Australian Seniors Living in a Chinese Context)

October 2014: Austrade Trade Mission, Changsha, China

October 2014: World Retirement Living Conference, Shanghai, China

August 2014: Care Show – Australian SL Regulations: Implications for a Growing Market from an Operator’s Perspective

May 2014: Austrade Seniors Living China Mission, Nanjing China

May 2014: Jiangsu Province Real Estate Developers Annual Conference, Nanjing China

May 2014: Austrade Healthcare & Seniors Living Forum, Melbourne, Australia

December 2013: Australian Healthcare & Aged-Care Seminar Shenzhen

November 2013: IAHSA-CHINA 10th International Conference Shanghai

November 2013:  Ageing and Health Care Industry Conference, Nanjing, China

October 2013: Austrade-Integrating Health & Aged Care Services in Seniors Living , Kuala Lumpur

October 2013: Australian Super Trade Mission Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai

October 2013: Retirement Living World China Conference, Shanghai, China

August 2013: Care Show, Shanghai, China

July 2013 : Austrade/Guangzhou Real Estate Association Seniors Care, Development and Operations Workshop. Guangzhou, China

May 2013: Hospital Build China, Nanjing, China

May 2012: Retirement Living World China Conference, Shanghai

November 2012:  Seventh International COINFO, Nanjing, China

April 2011:  Ageing Asia Investment Forum, Singapore

May 2011:  Retirement Living World China 2011, Beijing

November 2011:  IISTIC  COINFO ’11, Hangzhou, China

November 2011:  Hangzhou Govt Conference, China

December 2011: Retirement Living World India 2011