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Design and Development

IMG works with the owner and architect to confirm that all aspects of design are practical, have operational flexibility, are sustainable and can be operated within a reasonable budget. IMG is able to gauge and maximise market acceptance to ensure that all aspects of the design: site; units; apartments; and community facilities are appealing to the target market. It is IMG’s experience in working with seniors which enables us to understand their needs for accessibility, comfort, enjoyment and care. Families appreciate the difference this makes. Working with the architects allows IMG to add value to the development and increase the saleability of the residences. Valuers appreciate the difference this expertise delivers too.

IMG creates communities which are homes, not just housing. The provision of physical attributes is only the start of the development of a Community. Understanding why and how a group of residents develops into a community of engaged and satisfied friends is fundamental to the creation of a harmonious community and ongoing sales.

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