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Community Development

Throughout the history of communities for Seniors it is clear that residents have some common needs. These needs do not relate to nationality but to the fundamental needs of humans as they age. These needs are reflected in three main categories:
•  Security
•  Community
•  Low Maintenance

Seniors want to live with financial and personal security. They want to be part of a community to share experiences and concerns and they want to be free from chores, if they wish, to allow them to spend time on more pleasurable pursuits. The way these three things are provided to communities will differ:
•  From country to country and region to region, to allow for cultural preferences
•  Between socio-economic groups to allow for affordability of product
•  Depending upon the range of care and other services provided.

IMG understands these fundamental motivators for residents to move to Seniors Living communities. Without such understanding, and experience in delivering them, communities risk becoming soulless communities of disaffected residents — not what was intended and certainly not what is desired for our seniors.

Facilitating vibrant communities for seniors is a specialised area of work. Ensuring that our senior’s lifestyles are as relaxed and happy as possible is a primary function of an expert seniors living operator. Operators of comprehensive, desirable communities need to understand many operational issues which affect the profitability, sustainability and
enjoyment of the community. Positive word of mouth referrals from residents and their families is the best advertising a community can have. This means attention needs be given to the details in communities. Such attention needs to be applied to a wide range of offerings including:
•  Communications
•  Emergency response
•  Administration systems
•  Staff Training
•  Security
•  General and grounds maintenance
•  Food and Beverage services
•  Recreation programs
•  Concierge services
•  Social and activity programs
•  Transport
•  Beauty services
•  Educational experiences
•  Transport
•  Guest accommodation
•  Children’s facilities
•  Community connections

Contact IMG to ask how we can assist you to develop your community.